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Massage and Skin Care

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  • Columbus Day Special

    Valid October 14- October 20, 2019
  • Massage Therapy

    • Swedish Massage $75
      Relaxes the body and mind. Rebalance with a customized session focused on problem areas. Light to medium pressure massage with problem specific reflex and shiatsu points which helps relax the body and mind, while improving muscle tone.
    • 1.5 hrs Swedish Massage $110
      1.5 hr swedish massage
    • Deep Tissue $85
      Reduces chronic tightness in muscles.  Focus on relieving tight muscles and discomfort in the body.  Trigger point work on problem areas. Stretching where needed.  Firm to deep pressure which reduces chronic muscle tightness and tension.
    • 1.5 hr Deep Tissue $120
      1.5 hr deep tissue massage
    • Head, Neck & Shoulders $60
      45 Min.  Upper body tension reducer.
    • Trigger Point and Deep Tissue $75
      Combination Swedish and Deep
    • Pre-Natal $70
      Relax the mother to be
    • Aromatherapy Relaxation $70
      Lavender infused oil to relax your mind. Gentle pressure to soothe out the tension in the body.
    • Meditative Massage $70
      Light Swedish massage to promote relaxation.  For the body this is affected by environmental stressors and muscle tension do to holding on to stress in the body.
  • Skin Care

  • Reflexology

    Rebalance your body with the ancient art of reflexology.  Stimulate the body's natural healing ability. 
    • Reflexology $65
      Reflexology balances the body and mind. Aids in detoxifying the body and promotes healthy circulation. Benefits of reflexology include reducing insomnia, headaches, anxiety, digestion irregularities and more.
    • Reflexology Series Part 1 $150
      Part 1 of the 3 part reflexology teaching series
    • Reflexology Series Part 2 $150
      Part 2 of the 3 part reflexology teaching series
    • Reflexology Series Part 3 $150
      Part 2 of the 3 part reflexology teaching series
  • Waxing

  • Reiki

    Ancient Japanese energy modality
    • Reiki $60
      Rebalance and restore your depleted energy
    • Lip $6
  • Energy Therapy

    Chakra Balancing
    • Chakra Blancing $60

      Energy based modality that helps to restore balance and peace within.

    • Shiatsu $60
      Japanese based massage. Balances the body through pressure points along the meridians. Gets your energy flowing with joint mobility and stretching of major muscle groups. Massage done through clothing is gentle for all ages.

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